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Autumn Porch

Fantasy Owls II

The Red Gate - Americana

Last Run - Americana

Fantasy Owls I

In the Garden - Patrick Adam

The Breakfast Table - Patrick Adam

Flowering Garden in Summer - Van Gogh

A Fisherman's Cottage - Childe-Hassam

Farmyard - Monet

Farm Near Duivendrech - Mondrian

Farm, Sunny Day - Mondrian

Farmhouse - Mondrian

Little Bridge in Zaandam - Monet

Woman with Wheelbarrow - Pissarro

Cottages - Van Gogh

Morning Room - Patrick Adam

Farm in Breton Countryside - Moret

Petit Gennevilliers Facade - Caillebotte

The Kitchen Garden at Yerres - Caillebotte

Fresh Eggs - Homer

Bluebird - Larsson

Farmhouse in Valencia - Sorolla

Spinning Wheel - Larsson

Sheep Shearers - Van Gogh

Morning Glories - Winslow Homer

Snow at Louvecien - Sisley

Breton Village in the Snow - Gauguin

Lime Trees and Farmhouse - Renoir

The Cup of Tea, 1907 - Renoir

The Farm, 1914 - Renoir

Evening Snow Effect - Monet

The Steps at Vetheuil - Monet

Garden at Argentueil - Monet

Magpie - Monet

Springtime at Giverny - Monet

Trophies of the Hunt - Monet

Tulips Fields with Windmill - Monet

The Lord is My Shepherd - Americana

Old Mumford House - Childe-Hassam

Cottage, East Hampton - Childe-Hassam

Long Island Garden - Childe-Hassam

Old House & Garden, East Hampton - Childe-Hassam

Mary August Reading - Cassatt

Gather Ye Rosebuds - Waterhouse

Bouquet of Flowers on Balcony - Boris Kustodiev

Still Life with Fruit - Derain

Woman in Garden - Monet

Bourgeois House in Hermitage Pontoise - Pissarro

Haymakers in Eragny, 1889 - Pissarro

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