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Cross Stitch Collectibles:

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Chat Noir Cabaret - Vintage Poster

Child with Cat - Renoir

Head of a Dog, 1870 - Renoir

Woman Breastfeeding - Renoir

Haystack - Americana

June Morning - Americana

Early Cat - Asian Art

Kingfisher on Snowy Stump - Asian Art

Sparrow and Wisteria - Asian Art

Three Geese - Asian Art

Pin-Up with Newspaper - Vintage Poster

Forest Creature - Fantasy

Mermaid in the Sunset - Fantasy

Good Housekeeping - Vintage Poster

Pears Soap - Vintage Poster

Chicago Kennel Club Dog Show - Vintage Poster

Clinique Cheron -Vintage Poster

Fly TWA Africa - Vintage Poster

Josephine Baker, Casino de Paris - Vintage Poster

Casino de Paris - Vintage Poster

Padova - Vintage Poster

Biere Gallia - Vintage Poster

East Africa - Vintage Poster

Florio Cinzano - Vintage Poster

Life Magazine - Vintage Poster

Border Collie - Robt. J. May

Bull Terrier - Robt. J. May

Bull Terrier II - Robt. J. May

Chocolate Labrador - Robt. J. May

Cognac Jacquet - Vintage Poster

Dachsund - Robt. J. May

Dalmatian - Robt. J. May

Doberman - Robt. J. May

Elkhound - Robt. J. May

English Setter - Robt. J. May

German Shepherd - Robt. J. May

Golden Retriever - Robt. J. May

Great Dane - Robt. J. May

Greyhound - Robt. J. May

Honey Poodle - Robt. J. May

Irish Setter - Robt. J. May

Lhasa Apso - Robt. J. May

Maltese - Robt. J. May

Old English Sheepdog - Robt. J. May

Papillon - Robt. J. May

Pekingese - Robt. J. May

Pointer - Robt. J. May

Pomeranian - Robt. J. May

Pug - Robt. J. May

Rottweiler - Robt. J. May

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