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X Squared Cross Stitch

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X Squared Cross Stitch:

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Big Fishes Eat Small Fishes

Apres La Sieste

After the Wedding

Le Réveil

Lady with Mask

Admiring Herself

Arranging Flowers

Hang On

Wild Animals With Flowers And Leaves

Guitar Landscape

Butterfly Heart

Purple Butterfly Heart


Poster for the Brooklyn Exhibition

Kansas Seed House

Autumn Watercolor

Romantic Flowers

Tropical Summer

Dark Blue Butterfly Heart

Heart of Butterflies

Koi Fish


Yellow Butterfly Heart

Hollyhocks and Daylilies

Potted Plants

Orange Butterfly Heart

Amethyst Hummingbirds

Interior of the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam

Lilac Irises

Before Her Appearance

Rainbow Owl

Watercolor Heart

Set of Butterflies

Cinco De Mayo Cactus

Floral Turtle

Loving Foxes


Plant and Seed Guide

Lovely Day for a Guinness

Maude Adams as Joan of Arc

Vintage Seed Catalog

Spring Day at a Thatched House With Blooming Lilacs

The Silence and the Cat

Watercolour Summer

Tree with Flowers

Blue Butterfly Heart

Hello Summer

Floral Autumn Wreath

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