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Cross Stitch Asia:

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Chiyogami #3 MARIKO

Chiyogami #2 CHOU

Chiyogami #4 TEMARI

Origami Birds -4 Seasons Design-002

LRG K004 Happy Kokeshi Doll YURIKO

LRG Cute Kokeshi Doll 04 - YASUKO

Chiyogami #5 AOI

LRG K005 Happy Kokeshi Doll AKIKO

LRG K007 Happy Kokeshi Doll MIDORI

Chiyogami #01 NATSUKO

LRG K003 Happy Kokeshi Dolls NATSUKO

LRG K006 Happy Kokeshi Doll AIKO

LRG K002 Happy Kokeshi Doll KAORU

Origami Birds -4 Seasons Design 001

Blooming Sakuras and White Cranes

LRG K009 Happy Kokeshi Doll SHIZUNE

LRG K010 Happy Kokeshi Doll ETSUKO

Pretty Kokeshi Doll 02 MARIKO

Gold and Blooming Colours

Pretty Kokeshi Doll 03 HINATA

Chiyogami #9 KATSUMI

Chiyogami #7 MIYUKI

LRG Cute Kokeshi Doll 01-ERI

LRG Cute Kokeshi Doll 02 -JUN

Pretty Kokeshi Doll 04-MEI

LRG Cute Kokeshi Doll 03 - RISA

LRG Cute Kokeshi Doll 05 -SAKIKO

LRG K001 Happy Kokeshi Doll AIMI

LRG K008 Happy Kokeshi Doll SHIZUKA

Chiyogami #8 MIYAKO

Pretty Kokeshi Doll 01 SATOMI

Chiyogami #6 AYAME

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