Cross Stitch On Blanks

Marcia of cross stitch design company, Cross Stitch Wonders, loves to create innovative products and ways to finish ones stitched designs. A Cross Stitch Blank, is a light weight, wood medium, created to give you a different option to stitch on than the "normal mediums" such as perforated paper, vinyl weave, Aida cloth and even weave fabric. The holes are laser cut in different stitch counts from 11 to 18 count - giving you the same "effect" of what one normally stitches on, just no unraveling of fabric, using a hoop, worrying about perforated paper ripping etc. Simply stitch and you are finished! Marcia has created specific blanks to match many of her counted cross stitch designs and she continues to create new designs and corresponding blanks for them. When stitching a design from a Cross Stitch On Blanks chart, you have a design that will stitch out on the blank perfectly.