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Cross Stitch Wonders / Lickity Stitch Designs

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Cross Stitch Wonders / Lickity Stitch Designs:

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I Made The Nice List

Life is too short for bad coffee

Art Deco Tree 10

Retirement Plan ...

Life ... Coffee N' Wine

Believe In Your Elf

Cutest Reindeer Of All

Santa I'm A Big Fan

Art Deco Tree 1

Pugs & Kisses

Tribal Horse

Art Deco Owl 2

Art Deco Tree 3

Beer Drinker ... Camping Problem

Mr. Snow It All

Art Deco Owl 9

Momma N Me Elephant

Art Deco Owl 5

Mt. Rainier

Elf Squad

Joy To The World

Witch Switch

Art Deco Tree 4

Art Deco Tree 8

Art Deco Tree 9

Art Deco Tree 2

Potted Tuxedo Art Cat

Art Deco Tree 6

Art Deco Trees

Art Deco Tree 7

Folk Art Tree Three

Quit Your Witchin

Art Deco Owl 3

Folk Art Tree Two

Coffee Drinker ... Camping Problem

S'more Camping

Monster Alphabet

Art Deco Owl 1

So Deerly Loved

Art Deco Tree 5

Dragonfly 1

Friends Lady Bug

Momma N Me Giraffe

Arizona Kokopelli

OCD ... Camping

Cute Elephants

Art Deco Owl 4

Art Deco Owls

Folk Art Tree One

It's All About The Shoes

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