Dice Roll Bookmarks

These Tabletop Role Playing Game (RPG) inspired bookmarks all feature a d20 as a Natural 20 and Natural 1. One of the bookmark patterns also features other dice. These bookmarks are great to make as gifts. You can choose customized fabric and floss to fit the person you are giving it to (or their character). The photos show bookmarks we made as gifts for our tabletop role playing group, with floss and fabric chosen to reflect their characters. Roll Stitch Count: 98 (w) x 20 (h) Dungeon Master Stitch Count: 94 (w) x 20 (h) Your Roll Stitch Count: 89 (w) x 20 (h)
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Karen Bowen

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Leaflet Style
Print and Bag Chart Pack

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Designed by:
Karen Bowen
2021 Karen Bowen/KEB Studio Creations