#H22 Lacyflakes (Knitted Snowflake Medallions)

Knitted lace snowflakes! I have always been intrigued by the fact that in God's handywork, no two snowflakes are alike. This pattern includes two types of construction (center-out and outside-in) plus variations for making your own "each one different" snowflakes.
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Craft Type:
Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer

Model Specifications:

Leaflet Style
Print and Bag Chart Pack
Stitch Count
7 - 8 stitches per inch
Project Size
6½" - 8" finished diameters
Lace or light fingering weight
Knitting needles
Sizes US 4/3.5 mm and US 2/2.75 mm suggested

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Designed by:
Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer
Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer