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Paine Free Crafts:

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Tapestry Cat, by Lewis T Johnson

Painted Cat, by Lewis T Johnson

Tea Dragon, by Stanley Morrison

Beer Dragon, by Stanley Morrison

Snowy Owl Santa

Whiskey Dragon, by Stanley Morrison

Red Wine Dragon, by Stanley Morrison

Cats Galore, by Lewis T Johnson

Tropicat, by Lewis T Johnson

Mead Dragon, by Stanley Morrison

Rum Dragon, by Stanley Morrison

White Wine Dragon, by Stanley Morrison

Margarita Dragon, by Stanley Morrison

Color Wheel Dreamcatcher, by Katy Lipscomb

We Are Geeks

Coffee Sea Dragon, by Stanley Morrison

Dragon Dance, by Jocarra

The Little Mermaid, by StarMasayume

Kitchen Cats, by Adrian Chesterman

Grizzly Bear, by Darrel Bevan

Rainbow Wolf, by Katy Lipscomb

Santa's Friends, by Margaret Cobane

Stained Glass Santa, by Lewis T Johnson

Catching Dreams, by Katy Lipscomb

Baby, by Delphine Sutherland

Dreamcatcher, by Tim Shumate

Dragonflies in Colour, by Angela Porter

Mr & Mrs Claus, by Margaret Cobane

Green Celtic Cat, by Marjory Tait

Tequila Wyrm, by Stanley Morrison

Wildflower Dragon, by Alvia Alcedo

Cold Bravery, by LuLebel

Wander the Wonky Hare, by Delphine Sutherland

Lava Dragon, by Midna Rosewater

A Quiet October's Flight, by Alida Akers

Howling Wolf Triad, by Katy Lipscomb

Harry, Ron, Hermione, by StarMasayume

Night Owl, by Katja Main

Rainbow Bird, by Katy Lipscomb

Horse, by Darrel Bevan

Mixed Berries Dragons, by Stanley Morrison

Carlo 2, by Poul Dohle

Autumn Delight, by Peekeeboo

Grey Wizard, by Jankolas

Chinese Dragon 1 by Ico Ahyicodae

Zodicat (Aries), by Stanley Morrison

Santa's Woodland Friends, by Margaret Cobane

Oriental Fantasy, by Esmira

Dragon Eye, by Katy Lipscomb

Colours of Spring, by Esmira

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