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Pine Glen Designs:

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D303 Raven Silhouettes

J106 Year of Quilts in Cross Stitch

XS114 Hearts 'n Flowers

XS117 May Flowers

C104 Mini Quilts in Cross Stitch Ornaments

B301 Precious One

XS602 Garden Glory Biscornu & Accessories

XS601 Dragon's Fire Biscornu

XS103 Cats in the Garden

XS401 Cat with Butterfly Silhouette

XS600 Forest Elegance Biscornu

XS121 Fall Colours

H117 The Bride

MX600 Royal Teal Heirloom Ornament

E319 Valance of Roses

A636 Heavenly Messenger

XS116 April Showers

B300 A Little Miracle

F102 Dragons Dogs?

XS202 Cross Stitch Addiction

F100 Dragon BBQer

XS208 Bunny Blooms

XS124 Nativity

F101 S'more Dragon Treats


D116 Black Panther

I231 Words of Comfort - sunset version

XS006 Beautiful Day

D302 Blackwork Wolves

F103 Dragon Baker

XS402 Rest Time Cat Silhouette

XS115 St. Patrick's Day

XS120 Lazy Summer Days

XS603 Mother's Day Biscornu & Accessories Set

XS119 Friends Across the Border

D208 Scooter Looking Down

MX602 Dragon's Fire Heirloom Ornament

F142 Dancing Fairy Silhouette with Biscornu & Accessories

C100 Snowflake Ornaments #1

XS004 Is This Day

F141 Winter Fairy Silhouette with Biscornu & Accessories

XS113 Snowmen

A635 Angel of Music

XS008 Stolen Mind

I231b Words of Comfort - boder version

J203 Coffeeless?

M202 Peace, Love & Harmony Hearts

D203 Puff mature

M500 Eastern Bluebird Tin Can Pincushion

XS003b Addiction vs. Virus (male youth)

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