SamBrie Stitches Designs

My name is Becca Murphy and I am the designer for Sambrie Stitches Designs. I am grateful for your consideration to add my designs to your shop catalogue. I began designing to commemorate my Monday Adventures with my husband in the Pacific Northwest. After my aptly named Adventure Sampler peaked interest amongst the stitching community the creativity bug took hold as my designs grew to include a Bigfoot series, Patriotic pieces and tributes to my roots. I draw inspiration from my family, the beauty of the natural world and elements with special meanings. Devotion to needlework has also lead me to become an avid purveyor of antique samplers. I find a kinship in the reproduction process. Many of my reproduction samplers have unique motifs that peaked my curiosity and I hope I am able to provide justice to the original artists by preserving the stories of past generations.