Sewing Box Sampler 2 and Birth Sampler

This design uses 9 colors of DMC. My Sewing Box Sampler 2 reproduction was as much of a joy to design and stitch as my Sewing Box Sampler 1. While I know nothing other than the name of the stitcher, I do believe she was a young girl and less experienced than the stitcher of Sewing Box Sampler 1. Or perhaps Carmen was a more experienced stitcher when she stitched what I am calling Sewing Box Sampler 1. This sampler was originally stitched with cotton threads and there is some doodling as well as some discrepencies in the stitching. You will see the doodling on the left hand inner border. I left that as Carmen originally stitched it. For the most part, I left her other “mistakes” in place, such as missed stitches. The only thing I changed in my reproduction is when she stitched over 1 thread. I charted this in DMC to retain the feel of the original sampler. The PDF contains both the reproduction sampler and a Birth Sampler version. I provide both black and white and symbols on color charts in my PDFs. The model is stitched on 40 ct Mayflower linen by Fox and Rabbit Designs using 1 strand of DMC floss over two linen strands. Please note: the floss usage amount stated in the key is based on using 2 strands on 14 ct/28 ct fabric.
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Jan Hicks Creates
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Leaflet Style
8 1/2" x 11" Booklet
Stitch Count
142w x 145h
Project Size
7.1" x 7.3" on 40cnt (over 2)
40ct Mayflower Linen

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Jan Hicks Creates
Jan Hicks Creates 2022